It’s been a boring day

My package from Germany finally arrived…!

And it contains Phar Lap 386 versions 4.1 and 5.0!

But something arrived in the mail. So I spent 2 hours cleaning things up and fighting with Watcom getting a skeleton verison of Doom to build. It’s finally running. Now to do some keyboard/video stuff.

Maybe more later though. But I may have to bench them some how Dos4G/W vs Phar Lap 386…. I donno.

4 thoughts on “It’s been a boring day

  1. Hi,
    I wonder if you could post a table of content of you 386|DOS Extender Programmers Guide to DPMI Window manual. I have a copy of 286 and TNT versions but none of them contains such position.
    Thank you in advance

    • I’m so sorry but I had one of those horrible life changing events, where I lose everything I’ve ever had… so I don’t have this stuff anymore..

      I don’t recall the manuals honestly being all that useful.

  2. Sorry to hear that. I hope everything will be fine. Thank you for answer. I suppose that TNT manual is based on this one – it seems Phar Lap just changed some SDK booklet titles over time the time.

    • pretty much from what I could tell. The samples were a BILLION times more useful than the manuals. I have to say it was a MASSIVE letdown to get a book set.

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