A little more fun with the Windows 3.0 working model

FORTRAN Dungeon on Windows 3.0 Demo

So with a little pushing around I managed to create a stand alone version of dungeon (zork) for Windows 3.0 . Naturally this version doesn’t require windows, just some kind of MS-DOS system with a 80286 processor, and either EGA or VGA graphics card. I guess I could have tried some CGA/MDA love but I didn’t.

So for anyone wanting to have some fun with an ancient box, I’ve provided both floppy disk images, and an install directory source to install this. It’s kind of funny how 7zip can get another 50% on the Windows 3.0 compress utility.

Otherwise it’s like the other Windows Demo/Working model software..

Text based installer…

GUI Installer

And the desktop.

This is the old f2c version of dungeon/zork I ported ages ago. Oh and thanks to the magic that is jdosbox, you can testdrive it from a Java enabled pc just by simply clicking here.

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  1. I’ve moved the links around to screw with deep linkers, and migrated the images onto my site directly. I still wonder how many hundreds of images are still hosted in the cloud.

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