Source code to the 4.2 BSD sail game

I really have no idea why anyone would want it, but here it is.

“sail – multi-user wooden ships and iron men”

It is described more as a “computer version of Avalon Hill’s game of fighting sail originally developed by S. Craig Taylor.”

Sailing away…

For anyone wanting to check it out, the easiest way is to just run 4.2 BSD.

There is plenty more afoot regarding various emulators, and I just have to write them down… but not tonite.

One thought on “Source code to the 4.2 BSD sail game

  1. I’m frankly amazed I was just scanning my files, and saw the source code for sailing and was wondering what on earth people do searching for this and literaly the next thing popped up on my dash:

    3:25 pm sailing game source code Unknown Unknown

    So there we are, someone right now just went looking for the sailing game source code.

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