For all you Xenix fans out there….

You are going to LOVE this…. Celestial Software, has two great directories stuff with all kinds of neat software for xenix.

First in the gnu, directory, you’ll find all kinds of newer builds of gcc 2.5.8, and libg++ 2.5.3

And in the software section, there is a bunch of stuff like ckermit, cnews, elm, gtar, joe, perl, rzsz, samba, smail, tripwire…

I, myself haven’t loaded any of it, but I know many people out there will get a kick out of this.

7 thoughts on “For all you Xenix fans out there….

  1. Yes, it's very cool in that they left the sources in there, along with the binaries.

    For gcc 2.5.8 I had to setup the following, after installing my gcc 1.3.7 floppy:

    cp /usr/local/bin/gas /usr/local/bin/as
    install gmake
    install texinfo
    install fileutils (or at least copy ginstall to /usr/local/gnu/bin/install)

    unpack 2.5.8 in /u/tmp
    copy libgcc*.a to /usr/local/lib
    make install ought to work now

    I tested 'joe' and it seems to work with gcc 2.5.8

  2. Hi guys, I’m tinkering with Xenix 2.3.4/386 at the moment and have obtained the binaries of GCC 2.5.8 that are floating around and have them installed, however trying to compile anything results in the following error:

    ld: cannot find “Sseg.o”

    Also, running a make install on the GCC 2.5.8 tarball (after fixing some path related issues) gives me an error when trying to build fix-header.c regarding a missing “sys/types.h” header file. Is types.h part of the SCO Development system? I appear to have no headers as part of my system.

      • I think I was missing the development system.

        This is the procedure I followed to get GCC 2.5.8 working:

        Full install of base 2.3.4 Operating System packages
        Full install of 2.3.0d Development System packages
        Install GCC 1.40c vfd floppies (all files in these old archives seem to be compressed) (missed this step the first time around)
        Run /usr/local/lib/fix.h.xenix (missed this step the second time around!)
        Unpack GCC 2.5.8
        cp libgcc*.a /usr/local/lib
        cp ginstall /usr/local/gnu/bin
        make install
        Then make install of fileutils, findutils etc all start to work.

        Any luck with anything like bash or newer versions of GCC?

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