386BSD 0.0 boots!

386BSD 0.0

386BSD 0.0

After years of chasing this thing, and being so late to the party, I’ve done it.

I’ve installed 386 BSD 0.0

It’s 2am and I’m exhausted.

vi isn’t there, but elvis is; I’ve left the building.

8 thoughts on “386BSD 0.0 boots!

  1. it's interesting how you always seem to be fascinated with earlier and earlier versions. i'm usually interested in the last stable of everything. might be because i'm an archiver-type and a mental completionist.. : )

    are you planning on doing 386bsd 1.0?

  2. I don't know I may do that one, although I figure it'll require me to do a bunch of work from dumping the filesystem, and probably building a kernel outside of itself….

    for me, the largest factor is some 'bug' in flow control in qemu/slirp that makes downloading EXTREMELY slow, however uploading from httpd is super fast.. go figure.

  3. No, I haven't seen a good source of minix 1.x stuff, but then I haven't looked too hard either. I should also check that wayback machine for that uclinux that ran on the Atari ST….

  4. I just realized the bochsrc I had used didn’t have the disk definition in there, so I’ve corrected that. I’m using BOCHS 2.4.5 if it maters.

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