MCC Linux 0.97 & dungeon

Interestingly enough it seems that the ancient linux circa 0.01 – 0.10 not only didn’t have FPU emulation, but didn’t support FPU instructions at all… Or I could be doing something wrong with gcc 1.40 as there isn’t a libm, nor does it inline the math… So anything with floating point is out. So with a bit of digging around for an ancient distro, I found a Linux 0.97 version of MCC. It’s incredibly small, as things were back then. So I’ve installed it, altered the kernel to default to a US keyboard map, (Sorry to people in the UK), and tried to squeeze the disk image down to something not too big. And I’ve included the f2c components and a build of dungeon.

Another f2c platform!

For anyone interested, I’ve uploaded my MCC image, it’s just under 6 megabytes. WOW how the times have changed!!!!

Again special thanks to Jiong Zhao’s most excellent

With that said, I’ve also just gotten a note from Artyom that his SunOS patches have been sent upstream to Qemu, so hopefully they’ll be downstream any day!

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