Microsoft Word 2007/2010

I just found out about this….. For those of us OLD people, we saw the new version of Office and said…

Dude, where is my screen??

Dude, where is my screen??

But I just found out on TWiT that by simply hitting CTRL+F1 you can get rid of that ribbon that blocks 1/3rd of your visible screen area…!

Nice clean screen!

Nice clean screen!

There isn’t that great! The ribbon is out of the way! Now you can see what the hell you are doing. Honestly why is this stuff hidden? Or is it the death of printed documentation that leads to this stuff. Then again MS Word 2.0 installs in under 15MB. lol

6 thoughts on “Microsoft Word 2007/2010

  1. I use it over terminal server 2003, that I've limited to 256 colours…. I don't see the need for all the bs, and as long as I can get away with it I'm not going to load 2007/2010… I guess eventually I'll have to succumb to the new software…..

  2. first time i saw that ribbon thingy, i thought i was going to puke. it started with the 'aero' theme, but this is the icing on the cake. (yes, i'm the kind of guy that still uses the 'classic' theme when forced to use windows..)

  3. “I use it over terminal server 2003, that I’ve limited to 256 colours….”
    On that matter, as it happens, I recently saw an actual thin client connected to a Server 2003 terminal server limited to 256 colors (the session was running IE8). I wonder how many thin clients that do not support RDP 5.1 and thus are limited to 256 colors are still out there.

    • Probably quite of few of the old things.. I’m sure there are plenty that companies like wyse sold over the years….

      Although it’s annoying that the new stuff won’t connect to MS Terminal server 4.0 .. I still love that version, it’s so small!

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