Package for Quake on NeXTSTEP

Ok, I’m getting nowhere quick on the sound thing so I’ll release what I have now. Thanks to the instructions here, I’ve setup a package which can be easily installed on NeXTSTEP.

All packaged up!


Simple, right? Just download the package, and you should be able to install it with no issues. I’ve built it for all the CPU types that NeXTSTEP supported so let me know if you have any luck…

Also I’m going to leave the quake server running on my server, the only issue is that the hostname is too long for Quake to deal with, so you’ll have to type in the ip address ( Also you’ll have to launch this from the command line… 😐

If anyone has any hints on audio streams on NeXTSTEP drop me a line…..

11 thoughts on “Package for Quake on NeXTSTEP

  1. this is completely unrelated to quake and nextstep, but you might want to check out this link:

    i'm trying to get this working in qemu as a nice little weekend project. of course, you have more experience, so if you're interested, give it a go.

    not that i'm supporting retro-piracy in any way shape or form.. 😉

  2. well, as it turns out, aix 1.3 will most likely never be supported on either bochs or qemu, because it only runs on real proprietary ps2 hardware, and thus can't be virtualised.

    (pretty much like a/ux, which also only runs on real 68k mac hardware.)

    but if you scavenge around on the aforementioned site some more, there are a complete set of svr4 2.1 install floppies. that system is (beside being a true classic) extremely similar to the interactive unix you provided, and using the bochsrc from your package i was able to install it correctly.

    there's a funny thing, though. when logging in as the sysadm user i'm asked to input my terminal type in a string. since i've never used svr4 on real hardware, i haven't the slightest clue. i tried vt100, tty, all sorts of stuff, but with no luck. i'll google around some more.

    i'm actually thinking of installing this on some real hardware, and giving out some ssh accounts. how cool would that be? 🙂 a real svr4 system.

    btw, could you / are you willing to help me out in installing X on it? it's not included on the install disks, and i don't know where to start..

    well, sorry for writing a novel, and thanks in advance.

  3. i don't have access to a windows system, so i can't use vpc.
    oh, and sorry for abusing this comment section, i just really don't know where to ask/post about this. if this annoys you, just ask and i'll stop.

    i've found out some interesting things about the SVR4 system, mainly that it (unlike your interactive svr3.2) runs well under qemu, but it has no make or cpp whatsoever. i'll try to hunt them down.

  4. This version of AIX only runs in original IBM PS/2 hardware, due to rely in MicroChannel Bus and lack of ISA bus architecture support…

  5. okay, so i guess i'm really getting on your nerves now with my obsession, but i actually managed to boot the AIX scsi boot diskettes. in virtualbox, it just freezes after i insert the third disk (the actual 'install' one). in bochs, i got to a kernel trap.

    if you have the time and can make something out of it, please get back to me, if not, then never mind. 🙂


  6. i think you are using the wrong boot diskettes.. also I know the ESDI set boots on an IBM AT, but they are labeled wrong, #1 is #2 and #2 is #1…..

  7. i know, this post and discussion is old, but i finally managed to install aix properly. i borrowed an ibm ps/2 tower, and experimented there, and now i'm able to install it in bochs. it locks up a lot, though, might be because of the kernel or the amount of memory i configured. not sure..

    if i can get it to work stably, i'll pass it on. 🙂

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