Visual Studio 2010 just shipped

So many editions!!… I’m already confused. I think this is the last version to support the Itanium, as that platform is basically cooked.

Considering how lackluster and scarce they were at the launch I guess it’s not surprising.

Anyways It’ll be nice to fire up the x64 CLI tools, and not be told that the ‘release’ is infarct a beta…

Anyways, there is some details over at the MSDN site.. And a demo/eval download.

On the ‘cheap’ front, the express editions are also updated to the 2010 level. I’d recommend getting the ‘offline’ ISO image… That way you’ve got all the bits in one shot.

On the UNIX front, I found that on OpenSolaris, that the SunStudio is a free download. This includes SUN’s C/C++/Fortran (77/90/95) compilers.

I took a quick look at the SUN F77 compiler, and it’s certainly the UNIX one from the days of v7 as it behaves the same way… I guess that’s not too surprising.

Other then that, not a heck of a lot going on.

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