SIMH on the DEC Alpha…

I released a partial binary build of SIMH on the DEC Alpha using Visual C++ 6.0 … I didn’t think much of it, but it’s been downloaded 400% more then I had thought…. (I didn’t think anyone would!)…

I can either conclude that:

  • There are some DEC Alpha NT users still out there…
  • Some people download things for the sake of downloading…

If you are one of the four remaining users, let me know… I have Visual C++ 6 I can try to build other stuff….

In the meantime, here is VMS on WNT…

VAX./VMS running on a Dec Alpha / NT machine


4 thoughts on “SIMH on the DEC Alpha…

  1. Hi,
    SIMH would be *very* interesting if CP/M (e.g. with the Altair Emulation) would be included and would be running with NT 4.0 Alpha (I prefer the W2K RC2, which is running like hell, stable and convinient to use)…

  2. Great work!
    About a year ago I built my SIMH on the Alpha on my own.
    Not having VCPP6.0 I used VCPP4.0 with the standard library from the butchered 6.0 dump from WinWorld.
    For the sake of preservation and making my system work, could you kindly point me to some Win32/AXP software? Having a working VCPP6.0 disc would be great.

    • There isn’t a heck of a lot, but what I’ve collected I put here:

      I should have the Visual C++ 6 & Visual Basic 6 for the Dec Alpha floating around somewhere. Other than that there is the usual SNA/SQL/Exchange bits, there wasn’t any .NET for the Alpha but there was the ill fated Java runtime, so I guess if you are feeling industrious you can grab Visual J++ and MS Java on i386 and then run the resulting thing on the Alpha.

      IMHO Terminal Server on the Alpha was way more fun.

      Also for SIMH/PDP-11/VAX Fun, I have that NT port of the HECNet bridge to NT:

      announcing-hecnetnt:, which ought to work great in conjunction with Pathworks

      Oh yeah, and don’t forget NEKO!

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