Boring weekend…

Ok so I had a boring weekend…. And it’s spilled over to today.

I’m getting burnt out but what happened is I found out that Turbo Pascal 5.5 is now FREE!

Which I thought was VERY cool.. So after a while of googling around for neat & interesting Pascal stuff, I came across this BBS door game, called TradeWars, that included the source!

While going through the source it seemed it could be easily ported to C so I started late Friday (or was it Saturday AM?)…

Anyways I’d feel safe with a tentative ‘public’ release of the source..

My C is based on the Pascal, which is in turn based on the BASIC code.. I’ve tried to keep it true to the pascal so there is a LOT of 2 letter variables, and a lot of WTF’s? BUT I did add comments as I was going through it.

It *SHOULD* be somewhat portable C, and I haven’t included binaries just yet… It’s still a work in progress, but I wanted to let out a WIP thing…

You can find the project here:

Oh and a screenshot:

Trade Wars C 0.7 on Windows 3.0

Trade Wars C 0.7 on Windows 3.0

It builds on both 16bit & 32bit machines… Once I get it far more fleshed out & running then I’ll sanitize the data as for now it’s using the same data & message files…

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