Unix/32V multiuser…

Well I was reading through this post:

When it made mention that for multiuser operations to work on Unix v7 you have to enable modem control… I’ve never gotten the DZ to work on 32v so seeing that it’s basically just Unix v7 on the VAX it probably worked in the same manner.
So I changed the following line from my 32v’s dboot.ini from:
set dz lines=8
set dz lines=16
att dz -m 2311
And now SIMH will listen on TCP port 2311 and allow me to connect into it’s serial ports!
Another minor note, regarding porting SIMH to the SUA/SFU environment for Windows regarding the nanosleep debacle:
In sim_timer.c the lines:
(void) nanosleep (&treq, NULL);
will fail as SUA/SFU don’t have nanosleep, however you can replace it with usleep and it’ll work… I use this:
(void) usleep (milliseconds*1000);
And for some reason some time structures don’t get defined so above the defintion of uint32 sim_os_msec to satisfy ‘foo’, simply place in:
struct timezone {
int tz_minuteswest;
int tz_dsttime;
And above the definition of uint32 sim_os_ms_sleep_init (void) I placed in:
struct timespec {
time_t tv_sec; /* seconds */
long tv_nsec; /* nanoseconds */
In the file sim_sock.c the line:
timerclear (&tz);
will fail as there is no timerclear… So I just replaced it with the following:
I then downloaded & build gnu make 3.81 and I’ve confirmed that 32v will load on the VAX11/780 emulator and it will idle ‘correctly’……
I know this is ‘clear as mud’ but it’ll help some people!

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