I was thinking….

Just as there is HECNet for DECNET, there isn’t anything comperable for NetBIOS… would anyone even be interested in such a thing?

I would be trivial to modify the hecnet bridge program to transport netbios… And I’ve done SIMH, I suppose other emulators (qemu) could be modified to talk to a hecnet style bridge with netbios….

Anyone interested?

3 thoughts on “I was thinking….

  1. I Agree!
    Besides, I am still trying to come up with the ultimate anything to connect to the same DECNet based network as everything else. Perhaps later this fall.

  2. Well it'd be "good" for being able to play legacy lan games etc…

    Check out hecnet and see what people use it for…

    It'd be a chance to also use all that old software for SOMETHING that predates the rise of TCP/IP…

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