I hate to say it, but 4.3 BSD RENO sucks.

Ok so I spent the day building stuff on RENO, I thought maybe I could bring it up to par package wise, like the UWisc 4.3 BSD… Oh boy what a PITA!

First the syscalls changed to RENO so hardly any of the packages built on Uwisc work on reno.. expect LOTS of unhandled syscalls. Wow, that’s lame.

I got bash 2.0 to build without much pokeing, but get this.. Control+C kills it!

myname# bash
bash-2.00# Bus error (core dumped)

Yeah. Nice.

gcc 2.5.8 can build binutils 2.8.1 & gcc so I thought that was cool to go onwards to gzip & lynx…

Well launching lynx on ANYTHING other then file:// gives me this:

Alert!: Unsupported URL scheme!

Alert!: Unsupported URL scheme!

lynx: Start file could not be found or is not text/html or text/plain

Oh yeah, and it built dammed near clean except for adding a va_list definition….

I was going to try to build more stuff, but it just feels so futile. Since adventure (zork) had been removed in RENO I was going to try to build GNU Fortran 77 & get a build of that going, but now it’s most likely it won’t work at all. I guess I’ll do some kind of update on RENO but why would anyone actually want to load it? Why is it so popular?

I wonder if there is an easy accessable 4.4 BSD release, all that is on TUSH is 4.4 Alpha… At this point I wonder if Net/2 would be better…

Anyways that’s been my day.

6 thoughts on “I hate to say it, but 4.3 BSD RENO sucks.

    • I think this is the full 4.4 BSD source code.

      I never did check why/how the VAX port of BSD fell behind from 4.3 BSD to 4.4, Net/2, 386 BSD, NetBSD 0.8/0.9/1.0 …

        • The four CD set? I have those as well.

          What we don’t have is any way to run the old pure 4.4

          I’m almost surprised there is no Tahoe emulator of some kind.

        • Why yes it does!. Just keep in mind that between 4.3 and 4.4 the virtual memory subsystem greatly changed, and as far as I know never was ported to the VAX. It may be easier to revert NetBSD 1.2 into 4.4 ….

          But with all that work, well… It’s easier to just boot NetBSD.

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