Tera Term ‘fix’ for all *BSD/*UNIX

I’ll have to redo a bunch of stuff, to fix the distributions, and I think there is a ‘bug’ as it were in the installer that if you pick a different directory name, it’ll screw up… I need to test some more.

Anyways to fix the arrow keys, you need to load a keyboard binding into the emulator. If you go to the Tera Term site, and install it, you can copy out the file IBMKEYB.CNF and put it in the various “program files\******” directory for each emulator. Then alter the ‘attach a pty’ shortcut to go from this:

“C:\Program Files (x86)\bsd42\ttermpro.exe” localhost 42323

To this:

“C:\Program Files (x86)\bsd42\ttermpro.exe” localhost:42323 /K=”.\IBMKEYB.CNF”

Oh it’s also comming up for the 40th birthday of UNIX! I’m going to probably package up all the research editions that I can find into easy to install pacakages.. I figure it’d make all these releases more accessable much like the v1 unix package that I’ve done. If anyone can submit any good product links from the pre SYSV days that’d be awesome. It’s too bad that SYSVr2 or prior cannot be released into the wild.. I’d hardly call them ‘competitive’ in this day & age… Heck even SYSVr4 isn’t but sadly the lawyers say otherwise.

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