HECnet client for SIMH

Ok the good news is that my PS3 running SIMH/VAX/Quasijarus is pinging away on my OpenBSD machine running the HECnet bridge program…

The ‘bad’ news for now is that it’s all *nix based… so no joy for the windows crowd. I’ll fix this soon enough, and release some binaries…

For now you can read about it here:


4 thoughts on “HECnet client for SIMH

  1. Can you post a little detail on how you set up networking on Quasijarus? Or maybe just point me in a direction where I can find more information.
    That would be much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance!



    • I kind of cobbled this from NetBSD and OpenBSD how they configure the networking among all the files….. I’m using SLIP enhanced SIMH so … your ip addresses will probably be different.

      add this to /etc/netstart
      route add default 1

      #0.2 myname.my.domain myname myname.my.domain myname



      MAKEDEV pty0

      add secure to the end of the ttyp’s
      ttyp0 none network secure
      ttyp1 none network secure

  2. Ah, thanks! Looks pretty similar to the 2.11 setup.
    You say you’re using SLIP enhanced SIMH… Did you try vde+simh? From what I understand, it should make things a little easier to network. But maybe I’m just getting SLIP wrong.



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