SIMH 3.8-0 with slirp

Ive been testing this build now for over two hours with Quasijarus & the microvax… All seems well.

The new build of SIMH with SLiRP adds some performance improvements, along with the older more compatable idle code. I’ve included the source with this build so I don’t lose it again… I can’t say just how difficult it was to piece this together again from my notes, and sadly it should have been way easier. The vax/vax780/pdp11/pdp10 are already prebuilt for windows users, and I built them with MinGW… YMMV as they say.

But if you are using one of my prior BSD packages (the 4.2 or the 4.3 RENO) you’ll want to replace the vax.exe/vax780.exe’s with these ones, and alter the config so that they both have

set cpu idle=FIX

that way it’ll run faster, and take up far less cpu when idle… Right now my Quasijarus is using 5% of my laptop idling with 1 connected user.

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