So yeah, welcome to Germany

My VPS is back online, in a different country.  I didn’t realize it a the time, but my provider is German, and well they are super pissed off about the US spying thing, and they pulled everything back.

I’m still in Hong Kong, and I just hope it is faster for me…

Although from the stats, the vast majority of my readership is American, which I guess isn’t too surprising.


At least the internet isn’t censored… yet… Not that I’m all that controversial.

Author: neozeed

I live in SE Asia, doing generic work, enjoying my life & family

10 thoughts on “So yeah, welcome to Germany”

        1. Yeah… we’ve already had the “who cares about old crap” conversation… Not to mention we don’t exactly have any space here… 😐 And I need to get a job. sigh.

          Otherwise things are great!

        1. well to my wife of course! 😛

          we started a blog thing about it although we need to add more and more to it…

          We had to go with blogspot as it is both accessible from both Hong Kong & China. You know censorship and all that jazz.

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