Three tonnes of mini computers

It looks almost religious doesn’t it?

I just received this note from the HECnet mailing list, and I thought I’d broadcast it out..

This is a shameless plug for something I and the Update Computer Club 
have been working on this spring and opened yesterday.

The exhibition "Three Tons of Minicomputers" at Museum Gustavianum in 
Uppsala, Sweden.

<a href="" target="_blank"><wbr>node13</wbr></a>

We have collected computers primarily used by the university at some 
point in time. Highlights include a Linc-8 and a DECSYSTEM-2060 with 

Here are some pictures from the opening:

<a href="" target="_blank"><wbr>jeppe/tmp/vernissage/</wbr></a>

I strongly recommend anyone nearby Uppsala this summer to take a swing 
by Gustavianum. If you want a guided tour, let me know and we'll figure 
something out.

It's only open for a few months, so don't wait to long.


I don’t know when I’ll be in Europe next, but now I really want to go to Sweden!

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4 thoughts on “Three tonnes of mini computers”

  1. When I saw “Three Tons of Minicomputers” in the subject line, I thought someone is having (another) garage sale… This is much cooler 🙂

      1. If there’s a VAX, it might be Kremvax, the Soviet Union’s VAX that wasn’t real and then became real.

        It’s probably sitting in some university closet in Kazakhstan though.

        1. I though Kremvax lived in Moscow? then again the moon lander was in Kazakhstan right?..

          Its a shame the VAX/32bit soviet stuff seems to have given up the ghost, but it is still cool that the 16bit PDP-11 DEMOS stuff was saved! ..

          I think I’ll eventually get to send a friend of a friend to this thing to check it out… I hope.

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