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  1. Thank you for digging up and reviewing all these console text editors!
    Some of those are definitely worth a test-drive …
    Currently I do only have experience with FAR Manager and nano.


    After a lot of testing, I was able to strip down FAR to the following 4 files:

    Contents of Far.exe.ini:

    (Upon running FAR for the first time, it will create a Profile folder with a couple of small setting files in it)

    With that setup, the FAR filemanager, editor and fileviewer (recommended replacement for the MORE and TYPE command, btw) work without any problems. Probably some exotic options are not available, but so far (after more than a year) I can’t say I miss anything (except for line numbering, but that is also unavailable in the ‘full version’)

    Run the editor standalone with command: FAR.exe /E filename.txt
    Viewer standalone: FAR.exe /V filename.txt
    MORE replacement: dir | FAR.exe /V –


    An older version of nano ( is compiled without mingw (as far as I can tell, as I’m no expert (by far!)). At least it is prtable…
    Instructions on how to compile are in the zip.

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