QNX Windows – First Look


OLWM info:



Also managed to get 800×600 resolution under QEMU. To do so run with -vga cirrus and run the QW video driver with qw.vga_bios video7,1


Unfortunately the mouse doesn’t work under QEMU. Either in PS/2 or serial mode the cursor randomly jumps around with a tendency to hang around top line of the screen.

10 thoughts on “QNX Windows – First Look

  1. No, it’s not X11. QNX never had X11 even in the most recent version. The first version was called QNX Windows (on the screenshot) and later they were called Photon Micro GUI. Both of them have nothing to do with X11. That however doesn’t mean you can’t use a “familiar” window manager. Also notice that old versions of Solaris did not have X11 but rather NeWS, yet they also had OLWM. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NeWS. I think that OLWM must have originated in NeWS and be later ported to QNX Windows and X11.

  2. so just to clarify, is it olwm running on top of qnx’s own display server called ‘qnx windows’, or is it only qnx windows with borders and widgets made to resemble those of open look?

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