Qemu Sparc snapshot getting better!

Thanks to Artyom Tarasenko‘s tireless work on the Sparc MMU, DMA, SCSI It’s not possible to install some versions of Solaris, and boot others to single user mode!
Heck, even the NeXTSTEP 3.3 boot program goes ahead and loads up..

However this is all done without a graphical console, as the sparc rom’s dont understand the framebuffer that Qemu emulates…

qemu-system-sparc.exe -nographic -monitor null -serial mon:telnet:,server -bios ..\ss5-170.bin -M SS-5 -m 256 -hda ..\solaris.disk -startdate “2009-12-13” -cdrom \temp\cd46.iso

Running it is something like this. The key here is the lines:

-nographic -monitor null -serial mon:telnet:,server

Which setup a serial port console you can just telnet into (for us Windows users).

This gets around all the errors like this:

chardev: backend “stdio” not found
qemu: could not open serial device ‘mon:stdio’: Result too large

Sadly my SunOS cd doesn’t seem to want to boot, and I somehow saved a copy of Solaris 8, but not 6..? Sigh.

ok boot cdrom -vb
Boot device: /iommu/sbus/[email protected],8400000/[email protected],8800000/[email protected],0:d File and args:
Size: 259712+54162+47510 Bytes
SunOS Release 5.8 Version Generic_108528-13 32-bit
Copyright 1983-2001 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved.
Ethernet address = 52:54:0:12:34:56
Using default device instance data
vac: enabled in write through mode
mem = 262144K (0x10000000)
avail mem = 258322432
root nexus = SUNW,SPARCstation-5
iommu0 at root: obio 0x10000000
sbus0 at iommu0: obio 0x10001000
dma0 at sbus0: SBus slot 5 0x8400000
dma0 is /[email protected],10000000/[email protected],10001000/[email protected],8400000
/[email protected],10000000/[email protected],10001000/[email protected],8400000/[email protected],8800000 (esp0):
esp0 at dma0: SBus slot 5 0x8800000 sparc ipl 4
esp0 is /[email protected],10000000/[email protected],10001000/[email protected],8400000/[email protected],8800000
sd6 at esp0: target 6 lun 0
sd6 is /[email protected],10000000/[email protected],10001000/[email protected],8400000/[email protected],8800000/[email protected],0
root on /[email protected],10000000/[email protected],10001000/[email protected],8400000/[email protected],8800000/[email protected],0:
b fstype ufs
obio0 at root
obio0 at obio0: obio 0x100000, sparc ipl 12
zs0 is /obio/[email protected],100000
obio1 at obio0: obio 0x0, sparc ipl 12
zs1 is /obio/[email protected],0
cpu0: FMI,MB86907 (mid 0 impl 0x0 ver 0x4 clock 1070 MHz)
# uname -a

SunOS 5.8 Generic_108528-13 sun4m sparc SUNW,SPARCstation-5

Which is all cool. And check the CPU, 1070Mhz! Don’t we all wish we had SPARC’s that fast!

I’ve even managed to install OpenBSD/Sparc! … But it crashed on booting.

Anyways it’s late, and thats it for now.