So yeah, sourceforge is still down

sourceforge down

Kind of annoying when I wanted to expand something with mingw, and all their download mirrors are… sourceforge.  And since I finally got around to putting Cockatrice on git but where did I put it? sourceforge.

Seems everyone has a good outage from time to time.  What to do?  Trust more of the cloud?

On Saturday 11AM BST the pages and downloads are back online!

Project pages and downloads back online!

Project pages and downloads back online!

Downloads of my BSD on Windows..

bsd42 downloads

I just noticed that sourceforge is making changes to their downloads, so it’ll probably break a tonne of my stuff on this blog (and other places)… but look at the nice picture!

1. United States 913
2. China 321
3. Hungary 152
4. United Kingdom 111
5. Germany 73
6. Canada 36
7. Russia 36
8. Argentina 26
9. Japan 22
10. Greece 16

Which is interesting… well to me anyways. I wonder if it’s more representative of internet penetration, or language barrier?

More packages for 4.3 BSD

As someone has requested I have started to do lots of package updates for 4.3 BSD (the original/Vanilla version)…  Sourceforge however is doing major updates again, and I cannot add anymore files to the download sections…

Again not to gripe but I do wish sourceforge would allow you to use the old UI while they are building this new one…

Anyways I’ve managed to upload binutils/bison/flex/gmake & a few versions of GCC.  I haven’t built the c++ compiler as of yet… I just built nethack but I can’t finalize the upload though..

Sourceforge issues

Sourceforge's 500 error page

Well they are changing the UI to something not quite as krusty, but in the meantime expect a WHOLE LOT OF 500 errors.

I’m trying to download a MinGW enviroment to test up some Qemu builds but that seems to be going nowhere quick…

Anyways for anyone who stumbles on this looking for my ancient BSD stuff, here is a link to my server with a newer build… I’d love to crank out all that stuff as well, but I’ve had MAJOR stability issues with SIMH 3.8-1 & Visual C++ 2008.. I’m in the middle of getting a copy from work of the ‘standard’ version which should be here soon enough… Maybe it’s just the express tools freaking out on me.

Oh well not to throw sourceforge under the bus, they have saved me a fortune in bandwidth bills in getting my stuff out to other people, and in all fairness a ‘holiday’ is a great time to do an upgrade… Well usually if you are a bank, but I think for geeks today is the day to hack.

More updates on the 4.2BSD project thing

I updated the website after 2+ years of stagnation… lol

I know its sad, and mostly all licensing… Anyways I’m in the process of moving so no major updates in the next week to two… But once I’m settled up in New York, I’ll crank out another set of releases to include working cursor control for games, and a loaded version of Uwisc BSD with all the fun stuff ready to roll… I’m also going to do a “HP” install of Reno so it won’t be an 80Mb download anymore… I figure if people are actually using them, they can modify the configs, add more disks etc etc….

Which reminds me if there is a online 1st edition copy of the “Unix System Administration Handbook”.. That’d be cool, but otherwise, I’d recommend people to get a copy of the 1st edition as it covers the tail end of the VAX era BSD’s.