For all you TradeWars 2002 fans….

Click to play!


I just found out that jdosbox can do the ‘boot’ command.  So as a test here is TradeWars 2002 running in single user mode.  I suppose I could go all out and make a standalone single node BBS with tradewars configured for the ‘full effect’.

But for now this will have to do.

Click the picture to launch! (needs Java).

Retro: a PC/XT emulator

A friend of mine just pointed me to Retro, a PC/XT emulator written in Java.

It’s got a few games ready to roll, which is cool. While not a full featured as dosbox, it does feel significantly smaller, compared to jdosbo’s 2mb image. And since it’s browser based, it’s not like it’s all that difficult to check out.


So while looking for some Win32s nonsense, I stumbled onto RGB Classic Games, and they have this interesting thing to run dos games online. A quick glimmer of the DOSBox logo flashes by.. So I fire up doom and quickly exit and…

Yes it’s DOSBox.

But in my browser.. A little tearing it apart, and it’s actually a port of DOSBox to JAVA!

Seeing it can run 80386 code, namely DOS4G/W, I figured it’d be interesting to see how it’d handle Microsoft PowerStation Fortran & PharLap TNT.

You can try it if you feel inclined here.