Update for HACK

I just found out that hack will run properly if it’s built with the default compiler PCC (cc). However there is a single file that will not build, but gcc can be used to build the single file, and the build process can continue as normal.

Here is a quick log:

myname# make
cc -g -c hack.Decl.c
cc -g -c hack.apply.c
cc -g -c hack.bones.c
cc -g -c hack.c
hack.c: 799: missing endif
*** Error code 1

myname# gcc -g -c hack.c
myname# make
cc -g -c hack.cmd.c

cc -g -c rnd.c
cc -g -c alloc.c
Loading …
myname# size hack
text data bss dec hex
158720 47104 30404 236228 39ac4
myname# ls -l hack
-rwxrwxr-x 1 root 694272 May 10 10:23 hack
myname# strip hack
myname# ls -l hack
-rwxrwxr-x 1 root 206848 May 10 10:23 hack

And with that being said, it seems just about any version of GCC will do… from 1.27 to 2.45. I’ve test played it, and you get the tombstone when you die, not a core dump. This applies to 4.2 BSD and all the 4.3 BSD’s. I’ve updated the sourceforge binary packages that I have made for Hack to include this hybrid exe that seems to work just fine.

Happy hacking!

And update on the update

Well I was playing around with a version of 4.3 BSD I’d never heard of, that was from the University of Wisconsin, when I figured out a quick hack to get the 4.3 BSD’s networking operational under SIMH’s 11/780 emulator. I simply removed the error checking from the recv portion in the if_de.c file, and it now works!

So I have updated some packages on the sourceforge site:


4.3 BSD & UWisc 4.3 BSD have been added, and both are ready to run with SLiRP (User mode networking/nat).

As for the Wisconsin release, it may interest people as they had taken the NFS & VFS code from SunOS and integrated them into 4.3 BSD before the RENO time frame. From there it seems that most of the hackers at UWisconsin went on to either Legato or SUN to continue their work, leaving this release as a single event… The tape image seems to have last been used January 12th, 1987. This release does not appear on the UNIX family tree’s.. It’s like a long forgotten offshoot, but still I think it’s kind of cool. And it shows just how networking was done back then with nearly 4000 enteries in the hosts file!

I’ve been trying to track down some more info from the TUHS list, but if anyone else passing by wants to add anything, feel free to let me know!

Otherwise, the installer package on sourceforge should run on any Windows 98 or above machine.

Updates on my sourceforge BSD/SIMH packages

On my project page I have made some new packages for 4.3BSD & 4.2BSD. Both of which can be downloaded here.

The updates include:
-moving to 3.8-1 of SIMH
-turning off unnecessary services in BSD
-moving from putty to Tera Term
-fixing PDF documentation links..

While not a major update, I figure since people are still downloading the 4.3 BSD RENO version as of TODAY I figure an update for these people wouldn’t be such a bad thing…

As before they are windows install packages, although I guess if you were so motivated you could extract them on some kind of *nix box..