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(This is a guest post by Antoni Sawicki aka Tenox)

Dear lazyweb. I have been collecting operating systems and system software since 1991. My archive was always intended to be eventually made publicly available. A few years ago I began researching various hosting options. In the end I decided to settle on archive.org. Nothing beats free and maintained by someone else.

The whole hoard is ver very large and it will probably take a long time to upload. Due to a popular demand I started with smaller items mostly sought after. Enjoy.

QNX including your all time favorite QNX 2.x

Microsoft XENIX and OEMs such as Altos, Apple, IBM, Intel, Olivetti, Sperry, Tandy and of course our all time favorite SCO. Plus all these juicy apps.

ISC / Kodak / SunSoft Interactive UNIX


…and others.

Check back in future for more uploads.

3 thoughts on “OS Archive dot org

  1. Wow that’s super awesome! What a massively great thing to do! Especially when so many companies are bust, or just straight up disinterested in preserving anything historical.

    I also pushed something out that people had been begging for a while…. a DB dump of the blog.

  2. Thanks for doing this, it seems that a lot of people online don’t really care about this stuff. Glad I’ve found your blog. Apart from the impressive technical stuff, these bits of history are really precious!

  3. Thanks a ton for sharing! I can’t express how happy i am to get my hands on those believed lost treasures. So thanks to tenox for sharing and to neozeed for running this blog – one of my favorite reads 🙂

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