11 thoughts on “Crimson Editor and Metapad for Alpha AXP NT”

  1. I was going to make a joke about “decent editors” meaning Emacs and vi must not be available, but I checked and Emacs at least is – http://ftp.gnu.org/old-gnu/emacs/windows/19.34/ contains alpha, i386, mips and ppc binaries apparently. I haven’t actually tried any of them, and I know not many people would actually like to use them 🙂 These look nice!

    1. Well I probably should have meant GUI based editor. Emacs and vi decent as they are I wanted some nice GUI with syntax highlighting etc. For text / console editors there will be another post soon.

      1. I don’t remember Emacs 19.34 very well, but I’m pretty sure it had syntax highlighting, drop-down menus (at least on X, but I imagine on Win32 too), etc. It’s just that things like syntax highlighting aren’t turned on out of the box, and neither are CUA keys, so there’s a big learning curve.

        Also, a more mainstream contemporary editor, if anyone is interested:

        PC Magazine – 13 Sep 1994 – Page 327: “Visual SlickEdit for Windows, Version 1.5 ($295), a programming editor available for Microsoft Windows 3.1 and for Microsoft Windows NT on DEC Alpha AXP, MIPS, and x86 platforms.”

        I’ve never tried it, nor do I have it, it just occurred to me that there might have been a SlickEdit build for Alpha, so I checked.

    1. The real hinderance for the RISC machines was the lack of any cross compiler. Although having built stuff for PowerPC on OS X i386, it was far too often a best effort guess if it’d run, and all too easy did it run on Rosetta emulation, but not bare iron.

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