PCem v13 released

Lots of new features added into this release!

New systems like:

  • IBM PS/2 Model 50
  • IBM PS/2 Model 55SX
  • IBM PS/2 Model 80

New disk controllers!

  • AT Fixed Disk Adapter
  • DTC 5150X
  • Fixed Disk Adapter (Xebec)
  • IBM ESDI Fixed Disk Controller
  • Western Digital WD1007V-SE1
  • Adaptec AHA-1542C
  • BusLogic BT-545S
  • Longshine LCS-6821N
  • Rancho RT1000B
  • Trantor T130B

And plenty of new fixes!  I just installed Citrix 2.0 with the older OS/2 1.2 based drivers, and it works great!

Citrix 2.0 on PCem v13

The full announcement is here, along with downloads for Windows & Linux.

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26 thoughts on “PCem v13 released”

  1. Well, just a thought, why don’t you give 86Box a try? even a small one, as it recently added the venerable 53c810 and a properly working Model 80.

    1. I’ve had issues with the current branch hard locking on me while trying to use EGA + 386/486 configurations. Oddly enough EGA seems to be working quite a bit more solidly on PCem. Also I had issues loading Citrix up from diskette.

  2. – neozeed: What build of 86Box do the issues occur with?
    First, try the latest 86Box. EGA should work fine there.
    Second, could you please e-mail me ([email protected]) or post on the 86Box GitHub your 86box.cfg files and NVR folders for both issues so I can attempt to reproduce them, in case they still happen on the latest build of 86Box.

            1. And that’s done now. All builds onwards from the one that’s compiling right now, are going to include readme.md in the .ZIP files.

            2. Thanks, it’ll go a long way to being more usable. Now that the Bochs BIOS stuff can pickup devices and at least initialize I want to re-visit how it picks up boot priority and see about a ‘free’ BIOS pack so people can enjoy the emulator, even without a legacy BIOS.

    1. I’d try the 55SX… the 80 doesn’t seem so happy, and oddly enough with the same ROMS on 86box, the same reference disk won’t even run.

      1. I’d just reached the same conclusion. I can’t get much to boot on the model 80. I’ll try again with the 55SX. I’ve misplaced my OS/2 2.0 images so I was trying to boot with a 2.1 installation disk. Reference disk I found at http://www.walshcomptech.com/selectpccbbs/ works OK on PCem after getting the ESDI roms…

        86box doesn’t compile for me, it stops due to a missing fluidsynth.h. The readme appears to need a few updates – git needs installing in the msys toolchain (pacman -S git) and the makefile is named Makefile.local.

        I’ll grab a binary and try that later.

        1. I just tried the 55SX with the adf files from this page over @ pcem.org, and I managed to get MS-DOS 5 to install. OS/2 2.0 just crashes PCem out on diskette 1.

          That said, Citrix 2 installs using the AMI 386, onto a FAT partition fine, and runs great. Or I can take a disk image from Bochs that’s installed onto HPFS and just run it on PCem, and it’ll run okay.

          Although since I setup for a PS/2 style mouse, using a Pentium 60 is crazy fast for old Win16 stuff.

        1. Do you guys have any support from or something? I get that it’s a fast moving Target but it sure feels like a lot of details for getting each system going, and it’s functional capabilities.

          I’ve been looking at getting the Bochs ROM running with more and more degrees of success.

      1. This is the rom set for 86box. Is the directory structure the same for PCem v13? Are there any missing from 86box that are now emulated in PCem?

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