6 thoughts on “So to celebrate 20 years of Fallout, Fallout 1 is free

        • Every time I think I have a solution to the annoying “telnet hackers” it seems they keep on defeating SIO.

          I wonder if I should kill the OS/2 thing off, does anyone even go there to play Lord, or Tradewars?

        • So here is what I’ve done. The HTTP & FTP still directly go to the OS/2 instance (for how long, who knows) but I compiled the latest Synchronet for Linux, and set it up as a simplified ‘door’ machine that’ll let it connect to OS/2. Logon as Guest, and you’ll get the door option to jump to the OS/2 VM.

          I was able to download a file over Zmodem as well! So I know that much is working.

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