PCem v11 released

I haven’t had time to follow it, but great news!

PCem v11 released. Changes from v10.1 :

  • New machines added – Tandy 1000HX, Tandy 1000SL/2, Award 286 clone, IBM PS/1 model 2121
  • New graphics card – Hercules InColor
  • 3DFX recompiler – 2-4x speedup over previous emulation
  • Added Cyrix 6×86 emulation
  • Some optimisations to dynamic recompiler – typically around 10-15% improvement over v10, more when MMX used
  • Fixed broken 8088/8086 timing
  • Fixes to Mach64 and ViRGE 2D blitters
  • XT machines can now have less than 640kb RAM
  • Added IBM PS/1 audio card emulation
  • Added Adlib Gold surround module emulation
  • Fixes to PCjr/Tandy PSG emulation
  • GUS now in stereo
  • Numerous FDC changes – more drive types, FIFO emulation, better support of XDF images, better FDI support
  • CD-ROM changes – CD-ROM IDE channel now configurable, improved disc change handling, better volume control support
  • Now directly supports .ISO format for CD-ROM emulation
  • Fixed crash when using Direct3D output on Intel HD graphics
  • Various other fixes

Thanks to Battler, SA1988, leilei, Greatpsycho, John Elliott, RichardG867, ecksemmess and cooprocks123e for contributions towards this release.

Downloads are available for Windows & Linux.

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11 thoughts on “PCem v11 released”

  1. Pity… If only somebody <wink, wink> ported it to something else than allegro4, it seems it would be quite useful also on OS X

    1. SDL? Is it really any better? I have an existing project I need to move from Allegro4 to at least SDL. SO many things, so little time, and I’m all too easy to distract!

    1. there is an AT diskette set for AIX 1.3 … I’ve even installed it on a PS/2 model 80 a zillion years ago. It was horribly unstable on there too. Just like Xenix with TCP/IP, it’s not the emulators fault it sucks.

  2. From PCem website:
    7th June 2016
    Updated v11 binary – anyone who’s been having problems with Voodoo emulation should re-download.

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