Novell Netware 3.12 once more runs on Qemu!

This version of Qemu seems to be one of the better ones in a LONG LONG time.

Netware 3.12
Netware 3.12

Much to my amazement, as I fully expected this to crash much like all the other versions, it actually runs.

qemu-system-i386.exe -m 16 -hda netware312.disk -device ne2k_isa,irq=10,iobase=0x300 -soundhw pcspk -serial none -parallel none -k en-us

I’m just more amazed it works.  Now I did try it on my old setup of a NE2000 on 0x300 Interrup 2/9 but I was getting some IRQ issues.  So I went ahead and reconfigured Netware for IRQ ‘A’, and set the CLI for 10. Of course I haven’t actually tested networking, this is really a ‘wow it did something’ statement.  No doubt I’ll have to build a new GNS3 test bed with this Qemu, and see how Netware performs.

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10 thoughts on “Novell Netware 3.12 once more runs on Qemu!”

  1. Netware 5.1 SP8 installs and runs too. I’m using the Windows build from – the last time I tried this and failed you pointed me towards MS VIrtual PC 2007, so this is a big step. Now I need to tinker with the VGA and the networking side.

    1. oh nice, he’s got native building instructions..! I tried DOOM v1.1 on MS-DOS 5.0 and it’s horribly broken.. Not that it matters I guess as there is PCem now which excels at running ancient DOS based stuff.

  2. Re the networking – NW5 is working via a tap interface to the host PC.

    Do you think it’s worth trying to build with SDL (or SDL2) rather than GTK3? If so I think I still have my toolchain from my 1.6.1 experiments.

    1. Ive found it works best in tandem with GNS3… use the UDP tunnels to a virtual switch, and from there you can setup a libpcap interface and bind that to a NIC…

      1. Also managed to get NW 4.2 to install although it’s a long and painful process! Again, the network is up on a Windows 8.1 host with the openvpn tap adaptors. To get qemu configured with one ne2k_isa I needed

        -netdev tap,id=tap1,ifname=tap1,script=no,downscript=no 
        -device ne2k_isa,netdev=tap1,irq=5,iobase=0x300

        And I can see IPX traffic in Wireshark!

      2. OK I’ve spent some time on this with the Windows version and 2.1.2 which is on my Fedora 21 Box.
        Installed NW 4.11 on both – runs well after I removed the junktuned my Qemu command line.
        Being a Netware n00b I then discovered to do anything useful I needed a client so proceeded to make DRDOS 7 VM and install Novell Client/32. I now have the two talking over IPX and I’ve successfully used the client to upload NW4SP9 to the server.
        I built a virtual net on the Linux using a bridge and tap interfaces on Qemu. I’ve also had it working using the socket interface across, useful if you’re using OSX and don’t have a bridge.
        I’d be happy to share my Qemu startup scripts if there is any interest.

        1. I’ve always added GNS3 to make it somewhat easier to mix in various emulators. I did have command line setup that I seem to have misplaced (the joys of moving yet again).

          Even though I prefer to use Windows for this kind of thing, my laptop is OS X, and the server I rent is Linux..

  3. Novell Netware! I vaguely remember classrooms with dos boxen that booted into windows 3.11 from these beasts with some NET MAP wizzardry in AUTOEXEC.BAT faster than from the local disk. If there is a cookbook on how to pull this off I’d like to know.

  4. Hello, what you’ve done is amazing.
    You can contact me, please? I have a paid job.
    We have functioning Novell NetWare 3.12 (I have the installation media) and I would need server migrate to a clean install on a new PC. Data Transfer manually. I need only emulated functional network solutions.

    I will be glad if you answer must be negative. To know that you have received the message.

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