Windows 10 technical preview

Telnet & echo, daytime?!
Telnet & echo, daytime?!

So I went ahead and downloaded the Microsoft Windows 10 technical preview, and while I was enabling .net 2.0 (how is that optional??) I went to see what else was in there.  Telnet is the same since Windows 2000, but daytime/echo and friends go back to what? NT 3.1?

How is it we lost the OS/2 and Posix subsystems, but we still have echo and daytime?

Even worse, they bought Interix, and have completely destroyed it.  I know it’s missing from 2012r2 but I was hoping that now we got back the desktop, and something like a start menu, why can’t we have SFU/SUA?

If only the whole subsystem thing was ‘open’ maybe someone could step in and provide a real *NIX layer on Windows.  MinGW/Cygwin on top of Win32 is all we have left, and it’s so slow compared to a subsystem, but way to go Microsoft!

Microsoft Solitaire Collection
Microsoft Solitaire Collection

Even more crazy, the game that established Windows dominance, partially due to it’s buggy shuffling, Solitaire is an optional download.  I’d still think they’d install that on everything.

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