5 thoughts on “EtsyJs – Atari ST Emulator in JavaScript”

  1. Awesome ! Thank for the link : Atari ST was my really first computer (after a ZX81) : the real computer which I learn computer science (And fun for games) !

    Just a bug with this emulator : mouse is not catch correctly under Firefox 30 (OS X) and doesn’t run under Safari (OS X)

    1. That’s wonders of JavaScript and browser incompatibilities for you.

      Atari ST was also my first “real” computer after ZX Spectrum 🙂 I had 80 MB hard disk, etc. Later I had Atari TT.

    1. Doh! was searching your posts – so I didn’t see that neozeed posted it on your behalf. Great article, and an awesome project.

      Can’t wait to read part 3 now!

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