ReactOS gets a NTVDM

Really I saw it right here!  It is only in it’s beginning stages, but it can run some very simple COM programs.

I should also say, I ran a nightly build, and it is coming along much more than the last year.. I didn’t trap or anything messing around.  What I did do was run out of disk space with a large swap file, and downloading too much crap….

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9 thoughts on “ReactOS gets a NTVDM”

    1. I would assume so.. the only way to know for sure is to try it. Although ntvdm on reactos will have hooks that I’d assume MS windows will not …

    2. It should work because of the emulated CPU. However graphics DOS apps won’t work, because internally the VGA emulation uses the CreateConsoleScreenBuffer with an undocumented flag that allows it to create console graphics screen buffers (so that graphics can be output in the same console window as the one which was used to launch the DOS app). This feature strangely doesn’t work on x64 versions of Windows, see here:
      A workaround would be to use the classical GUI APIs to do the job.

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