Installing Windows NT 4.0 on Proxmox/VE


Ok, Ok I know 99% of the world won’t care, but here we go.  I just setup a Proxmox/VE server on a friends PC, and felt like installing a NT 4.0 Terminal server.. So after getting the ISO onto the server, I went through the setup to get a quick blue screen.  Much like Qemu, KVM won’t work out of the box, you have to first nudge the CPU level down to ‘pentium’ or 486, and for the install you have to disable the KVM (accelerated) version, and use the generic Qemu installer.

Also I would alter the config file, along with a global config to turn on the AMD PCNet network adapter.

In the  /usr/share/pve-manager/ext4/pvemanagerlib.js file, just go ahead and add in your NIC’s entries:

[‘rtl8139’, ‘Realtec RTL8139’],
[‘e1000’, ‘Intel E1000’],
[‘pcnet’, ‘AMD PcNet’],
[‘ne2k_pci’, ‘NE2k PCI’],
[‘virtio’, ‘VirtIO (paravirtualized)’]

And in the /etc/pve/nodes/proxmox/qemu-server directory, you will see stuff like 100.conf, and look for a line like this:

net0: rtl8139=56:65:DB:52:7F:F2,bridge=vmbr0

And change it to the AMD PCNet ..

net0: pcnet=56:65:DB:52:7F:F2,bridge=vmbr0

See, easy right?  Then you can mount up your ISO, and install!

Once you’ve installed, and applied service pack 6, you can then turn on KVM acceleration, although I’d leave the CPU level knocked down to a Pentium.


NT 4.0 Terminal Server on Proxmox/VE
NT 4.0 Terminal Server on Proxmox/VE

So far, so good, yay!

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9 thoughts on “Installing Windows NT 4.0 on Proxmox/VE”

  1. I have issues with NT 4 graphics in proxmox/ve…related to the graphics card qemu emulates.

    I think i’m going to go try terminal server and see if it’s any different than enterprise server.

    Also, what option do you personally use for vga: in the config file?

    1. I just stuck to standard VGA, as I connect to it remotely so I really don’t care about it’s console abilities… I’d guess you could try that SVGA ability

        1. if you don’t care about MS-DOS, check out VBEMP NT, it ought to work… I think I know now where I’ve squirrelled away a copy of NT 4.0 Server along with Exchange.. I can feel the fun from here!

          1. I have a working NT 4 domain, I have several NT 4 workstation clients joined to it and i’m currently trying to get windows 2000 to like it. 😉
            Terminal Server is joined to the domain as well!

            I need to get back to working with Exchange on it though!

            1. yeah good olde Exchange 5.5 .. I just have to remember to install its SP4 as I don’t want to be an open relay..

              Although to be honest I really don’t care for any of the “modern” office crap, Office 97 works fine for me, and heck I only use that for Outlook, Word 2 & Excel 3 are fine by me.

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