10 thoughts on “Trying a new theme”

    1. Yeah I struggled to reply to this at first, but now I know where too look.. I was thinking since I’ve moved from blogspot I’ve just kept the first theme since then…

      Although if I were more of a CSS guy Id do something way custom.. but I guess I just suck.. lol

      1. Yeah I just uploaded some random stuff, but I need to do some proper stuff.. I’m hoping to borrow some CRTs from Lorenzo so it’ll look retro enough 🙂

    1. Awww don’t say that! Besides I know people just outside of Milan.. Although I just scored one of those limited Pimsleur CDs so I have to learn enough to say I don’t speak Italian and shrug convincingly…

      1. non parlo italiano, parli inglese (or s/parli/parla/ for the formal way)? And try to look cute about it, works like a charm 🙂
        Oh, and Pimsleur’s method rocks, and I’ve tried them all..

        And keep the pixelated pic, looks retro, as it should.

        Merry Xmas and Happy Hanuka.

        1. That sounds about right, I’ve struggled through the first lesson.. repetition is where it is at! The Japanese one was the same, so I guess that is the ‘method’.

          I may reshoot some of the pics to not be quite as grainy … But we’ll see.

          Oh and speaking of Christmas & Hanuka .. There must be some appalling video games related to the season… lol I’ll have to dig some out. Who knows, maybe there are some good ones even, although I can’t say that I remember any one way or the other.

  1. I really like the photographs on the top. You can add photos of my CRTs lol. But I think I removed 8086 Xenix from the drive just a few weeks ago…

    @Ottavio: “just outside Milan” means Trentino, which -I hope you agree- is quite better than our “moral capital” 🙂

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