Final Fantasy VII re-released for the PC

Not to shill too hard for it, but it is for sale for 10 euros, or 8 pounds sterling..  I should hope that this 1997 classic should work on modern PCs.. Which has been a pain for anyone whos owned this when it originally came out for the PC.  Although as far as I can tell this doesn’t add anything from the original version … Other than some click to cheat thing but.. There you go.

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7 thoughts on “Final Fantasy VII re-released for the PC”

    1. That is pretty much what I was afraid of. The problem is that FF VII generates too much income because people wound up with this emotional attachment to Aeris, maybe its because she’s a female, or that most people are not used to main characters that die?

      It would be nice if they could update the CGI & even the in game pollys but again it is just too profitable for them to do nothing.

      Oh well I’m sure square will cram another corridor classic down our throats.

    1. good grief really??? Its like they have done their best to screw up a really good property… sigh.

      They may as well have made a HTML5 version of it.

    1. Its far easier to play on a PS3, where you can buy it online …. Or I bet one of the many PS1 emu’s …..

      Its a shame it was so temperamental.

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