Flight simulator 4!

Flight Simulator 4

From a comment made by ampharos, there is all kinds of weird stuff on the old Microsoft FTP server, including all kinds of stuff in the stress test directory.. So wandering around I came across something I never noticed, Flight Simulator 4!

That’s right and for MS-DOS.  I recall running this on OS/2 2.0 was kind of a big deal, but its cooler in dosbox! … Anyways, if you want click here, and download away.  I think this version was intended to more of a demo, but it’s still cool to watch the jet plane going through the motions.

What is amazing to me is just how compact it is… It seems there was a lot ‘more’ with less back then, but maybe we’ve come to expect so much more?

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6 thoughts on “Flight simulator 4!”

  1. Yep, nice find. Always loved old flight simulators (not just by MS). Does anybody on this blog happen to have a Flight Unlimited II copy? Write me.

    There’s Word 5.5 too. And it’s licensed to ELVIS LIVES!!

  2. Just an unrelated note, gunkies.org seems to load some bad js for me (latest Chrome on Debian Squeeze), rendering the wiki unusable.

    1. I know they got hacked a while back, and since them it still acts weird… FWIW I made an update today and it seems to have worked… Its a shame. 😐

  3. If your interested I have been working on javascript pc emulation for a while. See latest at sourceforge.net/projects/jsdosbox. Email me if you would like some further info on what works (old dos games/demos) and what doesn’t (win/cli shell stuff) or any other details.

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