Facebook tracks users through the ‘like’ buttons…

ouch, apparently even if you logout, you’ll still be tracked by sites that have the ‘like’ button…

Well that just sounds creepy so I’ll remove them from my site.  I don’t think there was all that many people mentioning this blog on facebook outside of some brief ‘save officer spock‘ thing but at the same point I don’t want to participate in some larger big brother thing.

I just hope G+ doesn’t do anything like that (haha!)

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5 thoughts on “Facebook tracks users through the ‘like’ buttons…”

  1. Do it the same way Spiegel did – the Like/+1 images are loaded from your local server, and have to be clicked twice to work (first click loads the actual Like/+1 code, second click submits then). I’ve seen the same thing pop up on other sites.

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