OS/2 jointly developed between Microsoft & IBM as the Operating System of the future.  However they fought over the future direction, and IBM took over the 286/386 versions with Microsoft perusing the then ‘heavy’ RISC version known as NT OS/2.


There is more resources on my BBS.  If you can figure out the Ymodem-G downloads…

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  1. It would be greatly appreciated if someone might be able to direct me to a resource that has OS/2 Recovery Diskette media (1.44 3.5″). I need to create a new formatted hdd with OS/2 to run my 486 DX POS system. At present I’m running an app to extract all the data and pgms from the old hdd, which is suffering from the bad track and sector syndrome. 🙁 Kindly inform me of your findings as I continue my quest for same.

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