Garry Kiddals Operating System for 8080 S-100 based machines, ported to other 8080 and z80 computers. ร‚ย There even was a 68000, and z8000 ports with a hobbiest VAX port as well.

7 thoughts on “CP/M

  1. Gary Kildall was a genius in his time and some of us still mourn his passing in ’94. So at least please spell his name correctly. And CP/M was a small part of his contribution to tech.

    • I think it cost somewhere around $300?? I’ll have to dig to find out, but I’m thinking MS-DOS was $50 or something to undercut any hope of competition (hmmm)…

      But when it comes to languages, their primary business at the time, Borland was the one who undercut Microsoft… but they never could overtake…

    • I’d always heard mention of “UZI” which was another unix like on the z80.. But back then I was blissfully stuck with my C64, dreaming of big iron that’d take up a large room.

      So I’ve always been playing with the bigger stuff, and I never did get around to doing something about smaller UNIX and UNIX like things… Most system that run things like coherent z8000, and the like are all but lost. Heck even Shoebill’s A/UX support seems kind of fringe ๐Ÿ™‚

      but it’s all good!

      One day I hope Amdahl UTS shows up… ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I was pretty sure that GEMDOS was it’s own thing, and why the Atari people complained while doing the ST work that it wasn’t finished.

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