More FORTRAN/PDP11/Dungeon/Zork fun

Thanks to the countless comments on the SIMH list, and the final missing step from Peter Schorn One of the source copies of Dungeon now builds. If you want to follow along, you’ll need the pdp11 emulator from SIMH, and the following disk images (local mirror): rt11swre.tar.Z fortran-iv-v021-compiler-files.img fortran-iv-v021-objecttime-system.img dunsrc.dsk Then create an ini file … Continue reading “More FORTRAN/PDP11/Dungeon/Zork fun”

Follow up on Dungeon (zork) for RT-11

I have documented the install steps back here, a long while back.  However recently I did get a request for a binary for this for someone to try to load up  on a physical PDP-11.  The steps sure are duanting and of course time consuming for a first time user, so while I was building … Continue reading “Follow up on Dungeon (zork) for RT-11”

16bit Fortran …

Ok, so I was looking at this ancient machine the other day, and I was wondering if I could at least build the f2c to run on either Win16 or OS/2 1.x. There was mention of it running on MS-DOS ages ago but I thought it’d be more interesting to try something else… Well one … Continue reading “16bit Fortran …”

Microsoft Fortran Powerstation 1.0

While going through my stuff, I did manage to find some diskettes for Microsoft FORTRAN PowerStation 1.0 …  I recall using this under Windows 3.1 but there was some reason we never really used it under Windows 95 & NT (Found it 9 years later!) … So I loaded it up on a VM with … Continue reading “Microsoft Fortran Powerstation 1.0”


This is super cool, building on Takeda Toshiya’s excellent MS-DOS Player, is a fusion of the MS-DOS emulation with portions of Wine to run Win16 applications on Win32 capable OS’s. Yes, it really can run Excel 3.0a.  I don’t know how much people will want a 27 year old spreadsheet, but here we go!  It’s … Continue reading “WineVDM”