DJGPP memory fouled

free: memory fouled

free: memory fouled

If you ever get this fun error while trying to exit or shell a program with DJGPP:

combinelo: memory fouled

free: memory fouled

You are mixing libraries built with a different version of the DJGPP runtime.  In my case, I built the allegro library with GCC to use the older binutils but I’m cross compiling with GCC 5, so it’s using the newer runtime.

In my case I just needed to replace the contents of the lib directory with, and I was good to go.  I guess I could re-compile allegro, but that takes the better part of forever on DOSBox, and once was good enough.

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2 thoughts on “DJGPP memory fouled

  1. “I guess I could re-compile allegro, but that takes the better part of forever on DOSBox” … I must’ve missed what your setup is. You’re running on a Mac, right? Try Andrew Wu’s cross-compiler(s):

    (I mean, anything’s bound to be better than DOSBox, even QEMU. I wouldn’t recommend ever building anything inside it, at least not DJGPP stuff.)

    • GCC 6.10 won’t build Allegro. The binutils & gcc is far too new for the asm syntax.

      Try it, I did, and got nowhere.

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